Welcome to New Jersey!  Now Let's Get You Home!

When you're moving away to a completely new area, a corporate relocation specialist can help cut your stress and anxiety immeasurably.  As corporate relocation specialists, Kelly and Con understand that there is much more to a big move than just packing your belongings and filing a change of address form with the post office. They have an elevated level of expertise, as well as special experience and perspective that most real estate agents can't provide to relocating homeowners.

Kelly and Con are your advocates in the purchase of your next home from the pre-decision stage right through the closing, and beyond.  Your relocation experience will be tailored to your preferences for home, lifestyle and commute, as well as any specific needs and desires that you have.

The Hartnett's promise to:

  • Get you thoroughly acquainted with local market conditions
  • Be your personal resource for the information that you will need to determine which town and neighborhoods best fit your lifestyle and needs.
  • Explain the subtle differences that make each of our towns unique
  • Keep you informed of, and show you the homes that best meet your criteria
  • Research & preview homes to eliminate those that don't fit your requirements, and highlight those that do.
  • Explain the home-buying processes that are particular to New Jersey
  • Provide you with comparable sales and market conditions that will help to establish the current value of any home that you choose to make an offer on
  • Negotiate strongly on your behalf
  • Work diligently to ensure that your transaction is as seamless as possible, and that all of the pertinent details are handled effectively and on-time.
  • Provide a level of service that exceeds your expectations
  • Continue to be your resource for "All Things New Jersey" long after you have settled into your home.  Contractors, restaurants, entertainment, day trips, even bagels, just ask us!

On To Another Adventure? We're Sorry to See You Go... But We Can Help!

Relocation home sellers require real estate services that go far beyond those offered by the average agent. As a relocation seller you need an agent with evolved skill sets, who possesses the ability to know what you need, even before you know that you need it. You need an agent who is willing to go far beyond a customary level of service and do what it takes to ensure that all of the details are covered, so that your home sale progresses to a smooth close.

Kelly and Con have been assisting relocation sellers since 2004.  During that time they have proved the high-value of their exceptional level of service, time and time again.

In addition to the long list of premier real estate services that they provide to their seller clients, Kelly and Con offer a caring level of personal assistance to relocation sellers. By taking care of "the little things" for sellers who have busy travel and meeting schedules, Kelly & Con help to relieve the stress of an out-of-area move.

When you can't be there, the Hartnett Home Team will be there for you.