Hartnett Home Team Thanksgiving Pie Day 2021


We always look forward to our Annual Thanksgiving Pie Day!  It is a time to catch up and share a few laughs with all of you.  It is always held on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at our Office.  See you on Tuesday, November 23rd anytime between 2:00-7:30pm

Below are responses we received to our Thanksgiving Holiday Question

What’s one Thanksgiving Memory that always makes you smile?

Vegetable Surprise!

Con’s dedication to his exceptional gravy! (a good story)

My 1-year-old cousin ate and ate and ate until, well, lots of cranberry sauce made a re-appearance 🙂

The Hartnett’s apple pie lol

Families spending quality together.

I love being around my family. We enjoy each other’s company. We gathered around the living room playing board games or video games. It’s the best.

Special time with the family

Just getting together with family, eating great food, and watching football.

We always get a beautiful cornucopia centerpiece for the table.

Waking up and watching the parade and watching football. Thanks!

Mess up with the turkey 🙂

Free pie! Lol, thank you. Love you guys 🤗❤️

Thinking before hand that there isn’t enough food but then realizing you were dead wrong not even one third into all the food at dinner.

When the fire men arrived 😳😳😳😳😳

Eating with the family!

Going to my mother in laws and having dinner and delicious stuffing and desserts with the family

Being with friends and family

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


The wonderful family Thanksgivings at my sister’s house in West Orange! 🙂 Especially her table settings!

Driving back to college in Windsor Ontario after spending the Holiday home in Rochester NY with 4 passengers in my Toyota Corolla. Normally a 4 1/2 trip became about 18 hrs due to a blizzard. Behind the wheel all the way only to discover that classes were cancelled on the Monday after due to storm.

Always make us smile when we enjoy our Hartnett Pies! Been a long time running and a great tradition! Thank You!

Bringing all of our family and friends together for a delicious feast!!

Family gathering 😀

Spending time with family 🙂

Waking up to the smell of onions cooking in butter as my dad prepared the stuffing for the bird!

Watching the Dallas Cowboys!

Preparing a full Thanksgiving meal with everything my Mother enjoyed for just the 3 of us, it was her last Thanksgiving R.I.P Mom

Just the large gathering at my parent’s house – good times!

Getting together with family

Love celebrating Thanksgiving with Family!! This will be Raegan’s 1st… Thank makes me smile.

My great-aunt used to cut the jellied cranberry sauce into the shape of turkeys with a cookie cutter. She didn’t eat cranberry sauce, and we used to wonder what she did with all of the edges.

My Dad asking us 4 sisters to “sing a little something” for the crowd after dinner

post thanksgiving dinners napping along with my siblings and cousins on my grandparents livingroom floor.

Spending time with family and watching football.

Cooking my first Turkey for the family !!! 🦃

Listening to what everyone is thankful for.

Spending it with family.


Having Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house and sharing that day with many relatives!

There are a lot of us, so it’s always so many conversations all at once! (PS–This is a lovely idea–I’m sorry I can’t make it!)

My husband’s best Italian sausage stuffing ever!!

Stopping by for our thanksgiving pie and saying hi to our friends Kelly & Con ❤️

Creating a Thanksgiving cocktail each year for everyone to enjoy

Sharing a beautiful day filled with Love and Laughter as we celebrate and give thanks to all of our dear friends at our Annual Thanksgiving Pie Day!🦃